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Your project needs the expertise that only Brute Force Remodeling can bring.

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  • We have 10 + years of experience developing residential, and commercial projects from design to completion.
  • Our techs specialize in all of the custom aspects of the remodeling process (i.e. carpentry, plumbing, electrical, sheetrock, masonry and hvac).
  • We provide a one customer, one contractor relationship.
  • Technicians often miss the mark when can't fluently transition between trades.
  • We offer comprehensive solutions for real estate investors looking to flip, restore, or sustain real property.
  • As a well connected company, we have access to products and materials at wholesale pricing; that our competitors don't.
  • We also offer solutions for larger scale work (i.e. New Construction, Commercial facility maintenance, Assisted living facility maintenance. schedules and more.

From small fixes to large-scale projects, we do it all.

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About Us

Proudly helping people build their dream homes and offices in Philadelphia.

We're the right choice for your next renovation.

Philadelphia and beyond, Brute Force Remodeling has the knowledge and experience necessary to transform your construction ideas to successful realization.

At Brute Force Remodeling, we believe in quality and professionalism. In taking on your project, our high standards and unique approach will translate to a perfectly-executed construction project that comes in on time and under budget.

For a construction partner in Philadelphia that's able to deliver every time without fail, call 267-582-5601 and speak to a Brute Force Remodeling professional.

Our Services

A Wide Range of Remodelling and Construction Services

From kitchen remodels to new commercial construction, Brute Force Remodeling can handle all your contracting needs. Check out our main service areas to the below or call for more details.

In many Philadelphia homes, the bathroom is often the room most in need of a renovation, but the last to be done. However, the difference that a bathroom remodel can make is huge and you certainly won't regret the decision. Brute Force Remodeling is here to help with a professional design-build bathroom remodel that addresses every detail of the room.

For any bathroom remodel, a Brute Force Remodeling specialist will visit your home to not only see the room, but also to hear what problems you're looking to solve with the renovation. Better showers, toilets, and sinks are common concerns, but we'll also look for other ways to provide big improvements, such as bathroom lighting, flooring, and organizing fixtures to maximize the usable space.

We understand that completing a bathroom remodel in Philadelphia can be a trying time. For that reason, our team of experts will work around your schedule to make as little an imposition as possible. While on the job, we'll work effectively to ensure that the bathroom renovation goes quickly without sacrificing quality and get your bathroom back to full functionality.

To schedule a visit from a Brute Force Remodeling bathroom renovation expert, call 267-582-5601.

As the true hub of your Philadelphia home, your kitchen is literally where the magic happens - it's where families come together and where meaningful memories are made. At Brute Force Remodeling, our kitchen remodels concentrate both on the attractiveness and functionality of your kitchen to make sure that everything is perfect from top to bottom.

Available all the way from assisting with design to putting the final touches on your kitchen, we'll guide every step of the process, from sourcing fixtures and appliances at the right price to adding custom-built cabinets and trim work that makes your kitchen stand out from the crowd. With peerless kitchen remodeling experience, you'll see the Brute Force Remodeling difference.

We understand that budget is always a concern with a kitchen remodel and for that reason, we'll always search deep to find the best deals possible. Keeping your costs low while providing the best bang for your buck is what we do. Our pricing is completely transparent and the final invoice will clearly show all items and materials as well as the labor expense.

Get a top level renovation done with Brute Force Remodeling and start enjoying your time in the kitchen.

When you're building from the ground up, you want to know that your house is in good hands. Experienced and local, Brute Force Remodeling has built many homes in the greater Philadelphia area and we're happy to provide references from previous residential construction projects.

For a home construction that you'll love, there's no substitute for genuine craftmanship. We don't cut corners or compromise on the standards for your home and you can rest assured that only strong and durable materials will be used during the construction. Every detail matters and we'll work hard to show you why so many in Philadelphia have chosen us for their new home.

We're a full-service construction contractor, which means that we'll be able to not only build your home, but also provide details like custom cabinetry, countertops, and other features that will make your home unique. Regardless of whether you're building a cozy cottage or a sprawling mansion, you'll be able to see the top shelf quality that Brute Force Remodeling delivers.

Contact Brute Force Remodeling at 267-582-5601 to see how we can turn your Philadelphia dream home into a reality.

In Philadelphia, a business is only as good as the space it occupies. At Brute Force Remodeling, we understand the need for top quality commercial construction and will work with you to draft plans that address every possible problem. With the right construction infrastructure completed by Brute Force Remodeling, you'll be giving your commercial property the best chance for success.

Whether you're building a small stand-alone restaurant, a residential complex, or a large industrial warehouse, Brute Force Remodeling has the skills and knowledge needed to bring your plans to life. From the start, we'll bring a value-added solution that addresses your budget, timeline, and design specifications.

Because we've been active in Philadelphia for a long time, we are well aware of all the permit and fire code issues that are part and parcel to new commercial construction. As such, we'll help you wade through the paperwork and ensure that your property meets all local requirements and standards. With Brute Force Remodeling, you have a full partner, not just a contractor.

For a commercial construction in Philadelphia that's designed for success, call Brute Force Remodeling at 267-582-5601.

Whether your Philadelphia home is old or new, expanding with a new addition can help maximize your space and bring a healthy dose of extra room. However, building additions can be a tricky business, especially when considering all the licenses and permits needed. At Brute Force Remodeling, we'll handle every aspect of your new addition, including the paperwork.

For the addition itself, we pride ourselves on the innovative designs we provide. Using your input, we'll draw up detailed plans to make sure your new space fully lives up to your expectations. Brute Force Remodeling believes that spending time on your plans is the key to a successful addition build. Once we know exactly what you want with your new space, we'll be able to deliver it.

If you're like others in Philadelphia that have tried going it on your own with a DIY home addition such as a garage, office, or covered patio, then you probably know how difficult the project can be. With Brute Force Remodeling by your side, we'll make short work of your new addition and have it ready to use in no time.

Don't struggle with a DIY addition - call the Brute Force Remodeling professionals at 267-582-5601.

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Based in Philadelphia, Brute Force Remodeling provides quality remodel and construction services.

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We offer 24Hrs Emergency Services

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